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Exporting British curry to India

The six British chefs who visited Kolkata to share their British curry recipes with their Indian counterparts.

Celebrity chef backs British curry

What Heston says

“As an identity of gastronomy there is no country on this planet that has the identity like this, British curry is British curry, there is no country that can do British curry.”

Former PM a keen advocate of British curry

David Cameron

The then Prime Minister David Cameron gave a keynote speech at the British Curry Award 2013.

Lord Eric Pickles pays tribute to British curry

Support from Eric Pickles

“Curry has a huge place in our national affections. The tikka masala is more British than fish and chips. And curry is big business as well as a great meal. The entrepreneurial spirit shown by those present is a real inspiration. The growth in the spice industry over recent years is a modern day success story and is testament to the hard work of those running these restaurants – as well as their cooking.”